Open Tennessee collaborates with underrepresented and structurally oppressed communities using open source and open data technologies to advance their goals.

Who We Are

Open Tennessee envisions a world in which...

  • Democracy in Tennessee is accessible to all.
  • All levels of Tennessee government are held accountable to the communities they serve.
  • Data collected from communities and data used to make decisions that impact communities are available and accessible to those communities.
  • Community organizations in Tennessee have access to the technological resources and tools they need to best advocate for their community’s needs.
  • Communities in Tennessee, particularly those most impacted by structural oppression, have the access and resources they need to actively participate in their own governance.

What We Do

What does Open Tennessee do?

  • We collaborate with community organizations that center voices which are often erased, and who are the most impacted by structural oppression. We facilitate their goals and uplift their voices.
  • We provide opportunities to individuals from underrepresented communities in the technology sector to develop their skills, gain experience, and engage in projects that impact their communities.
  • We prioritize projects that expand access to and participation in the civic commons in sustainable ways.
  • We use Open Source and Open Data principles to promote transparency, accessibility, and collaboration.